Long Distance – Surviving Those First Two Weeks

Long distance blows. 

There’s really no way to sugarcoat it. Recently, my boyfriend of four years temporarily relocated to Oklahoma City for work. I went from seeing him almost 25/8 to not at all. It’s a rough transition to make, no matter how long you have been together. It’s only been two weeks, but I’ve survived so far. 

1. Know that there are going to be off days

It’s not going to be perfect. Even when they were with you it wasn’t picture perfect all the time, so you have to expect that with the distance as well. There are going to be times where they’ll be in a bad mood or you won’t have anything to talk about or whatever. Remember that it’s okay.

2. Communicate daily

Even if it’s just a text before you go to bed or when you wake up. Since my boyfriend is there for work, I like to text him supportive messages the night before a big assignment or something like that. Time zones can be hard, so texting is one of the best ways to send your love regardless of who is asleep.

3. Don’t talk on the phone everyday

But Al!!! You literally just told me to communicate daily! Yes, I know. But there’s something about a phone call that requires a weird pseudo-commitment to talk about something interesting that doesn’t exist when you’re spending physical time with one another. There’s an unnaturalness to it.  Why do you think people hate talking on the phone? It’s not like you can read a book while he studies in the same room. I’m not saying to never call them, but make it quality over quantity. Instead of scrambling to come up with something anything to talk about, call when you really have something to say. A cool story that doesn’t make sense over text or to truly catchup on what’s going on with their life.

4. Have virtual dates

It doesn’t even need to be set in stone. My partner and I play the same stupid cellphone game with one another. Or we’ll watch the most current Formula 1 race at the same time. It’s the future, y’all. Take advantage of that!

5. Have a plan to visit

I know that after two weeks, it may seem “too soon” to go visit them, but I don’t care. I have a trip planned for the middle of August (so about a month after he’s been gone) and I’m so excited. It’s almost like planning a date night. I’m picking out what I’m going to wear, what makeup to bring, what we’re going to do. It gives you something to look forward to.

Do you have any tips for surviving the first two weeks of long distance or just long distance in general?


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