Surviving Miranda Priestly

Before there was #girlboss, there was Miranda Priestly. Regardless of your thoughts on the film (and believe me I have tons of them, specifically about Andy’s stupid boyfriend,), there’s something you have to respect about Miranda Priestly. She’s terrifying yes, but there’s something remarkable about a powerful woman. That being said, she’s stressful to work for, and I would know. I’ve worked for a Miranda Priestly, and you might sometime work for one too. Here’s how to survive.

Mirange Priestly

(Picture Credit: Fox 2000 Pictures)

It’s not personal; it’s just business.

This is the most important thing to remember. If your boss is critical of your work, it does not mean she is being critical of you. Let me repeat that: if your boss is critical of your work, it does not mean she is being critical of you. I know, I know. It can be frustrating when you work hard on a project only to have it tossed back on your desk with notes of everything you did wrong. But it’s not a reflection on you personally. Take a deep breath, remember that, and fix whatever is wrong.

Don’t apologize or make excuses.

“Details of your incompetence do not interest me.” That quote says it all. A lot of time, your boss won’t want to hear an excuse or an apology for when something gets messed up. Saying “Sorry,” won’t fix anything. Actually fixing your mistakes will always speak louder and mean more to your boss than an excuse.

Take notes.

My old boss would snap at you if you went to any meeting or any assignment without a legal pad in one hand and a pen in another. You aren’t going to remember all of your boss’s ridiculous requests. You just won’t. So, write everything down. Everything. Even down to how many spaces she likes behind her period stops.

Stay calm.

Kelly Cutrone, famous fashion publicist and ANTM judge, once said, “If you have to cry, go outside.” Or the bathroom. Or the stairwell. The office, your desk, and your boss’s office are not the place to cry unless there’s an emergency. Like a real emergency. If your boss hurts your feelings, and she definitely might, do not let her see you cry. Go outside, call your mom, and throw some concealer on before going back inside.

Rise to the challenge.

I feel like I might have scared you away by now. It’ll be okay, I promise. If you can survive a boss like Miranda Priestly, you can survive pretty much everything. So, go out there and crush it.

That’s all.

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